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After a lifetime of interest in art and years of studying Art History, I finally began painting 15 years ago.  With no formal art training I have enjoyed the freedom which experimentation affords and have developed a style of painting which, I hope, reflects my love of the natural world in all its forms.  My inspiration is drawn from the landscapes of East Devon and The Chilterns and the rivers and woodlands near to home in Hertfordshire.  I particularly enjoy experimenting with different textures and collage techniques which, combined with a vibrant colour palette, produce paintings with both surface interest and spontaneity as well as a sense of place.  My work is grounded in nature but I work mainly in the studio, relying on sketches, memories and photos as prompts so that my finished works are less to do with a specific place, more an expression of personal connections and feelings.  I exhibit regularly in Devon, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

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